White Winter Soup

Winter is coming and what’s better than a delicious soup to warm you up in the cold days? That’s right, nothing. This next soup recipe is made of typical winter veggies and it’s called white because we don’t use any green vegetables and its color is white. This white winter soup is very tasty and … Continue reading White Winter Soup

Crock Pot Lasagna

They say carbohydrates taste better in winter and that’s very true! This next lasagna recipe will warm your stomach and your heart after a cold day. It tastes delicious and it’s not hard to make. You will need a crock pot / slow cooker, so check it out. Breakdown: Difficulty: Medium-Easy Feeds: 4 People Time: … Continue reading Crock Pot Lasagna

Seared Chicken Breasts with Cherry Tomatoes & White Beans

This chicken recipe is as delicious and healthy as it gets. It’s the perfect meal for lunch and after a workout, considering the good amounts of protein it contains. Check it out below and let us know what you think. Breakdown: Difficulty: Medium Feeds: 4 People Time: 45 minutes Ingredients: Four 6-Ounce Chicken Breasts 1 … Continue reading Seared Chicken Breasts with Cherry Tomatoes & White Beans

Italian Wedding Soup

Some say Italian Wedding Soup gets its name because it is served in Italian weddings, but another story says the name comes from the amazing flavor the meat and the veggies create when they are “married” (combined) in this delicious recipe. Check it out below. Breakdown: Difficulty: Easy Feeds: 4 People Time: 50 minutes Ingredients: … Continue reading Italian Wedding Soup

Paleo Onion Creamy Soup

This soup recipe is very easy to prepare as it only has one main ingredient: onion! As we know onions are great sources of vitamin C, B6 and iron, folate, potassium etc. Also, the manganese in onions helps us fight the cold and the flu with its anti-inflammatory abilities. On the plus side, this recipe … Continue reading Paleo Onion Creamy Soup

Avocado Lime Chicken Soup

This Avocado Lime chicken soup has the perfect balance of taste. The chicken and the lime are the perfect combo to boost your immune system during the winter, plus it tastes amazing. Additionally, this soup is Whole 30 compliant, so that makes it even better! Breakdown: Difficulty: Easy Feeds: 4 People Time: 25 minutes Ingredients: … Continue reading Avocado Lime Chicken Soup

Lemon and Cayenne Green Soup

This next soup recipe requires a little commitment to prepare, but it is very delicious and super healthy! If you’re on a detox diet, this is definitely something you could try as the greens will do you good. Breakdown: Difficulty: Medium Feeds: 6 People Time: 1 Hour Ingredients: 14 Cups of Spinach or Baby Cooking Greens … Continue reading Lemon and Cayenne Green Soup

Sweet Potato and Carrot Thai Soup

This Sweet Potato-Carrot soup can be prepared in 30 minutes, is Whole 30 compliant and most importantly tastes super good! Check the recipe below and let us know what you think. Breakdown: Difficulty: Easy Feeds: 6 People Time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1 Large Sweet Potato (Diced) 1 & ½ Carrots (Diced) 1 Yellow Onion (Chopped) … Continue reading Sweet Potato and Carrot Thai Soup

Paleo Asparagus Soup

Asparagus is a “light” vegetable, low in calories and fat but a great source of fiber, folate and vitamins A, C, E and K. All these nutrients you can get from this Paleo soup recipe below. It’s very easy to make so you can try it today! Breakdown: Difficulty: Easy Feeds: 4 People Time: 45 … Continue reading Paleo Asparagus Soup

Pumpkin Creamy Vegan Soup

Pumpkin season is here so make sure to make the most out of this amazing vegetable. That being said next recipe is a pumpkin soup, which is very delicious and all our vegan readers will love it because it is indeed vegan! This soup takes some time and effort to prepare but it is definitely … Continue reading Pumpkin Creamy Vegan Soup