Tip of the Week (TOTW) 9.17.18

Happy middle of September everyone! It’s Monday again which means it is time for another Tip of the Week. TOTW is below.

Sear meats on the stove top, then finish in the oven. 
Many chefs wills sear a piece of meat (fish, poultry, beef) in a cast iron pan and then place it in the oven to finish cooking. This results in a much more moist finish and also frees up burner space.

I actually made some steak wrapped with bacon last night for Bailey and I. We used this method of searing the steaks on the stove, then moved them to the oven for finishing. After letting the meat sit for about 10 minutes after cooking in the oven, it sliced down to easily and was very moist and tender. Absolutely delicious!

We hope everyone has a good week ahead. We have lots of new recipes planned for the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back in every so often to see what recipes you haven’t seen yet! Cheers gang.

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