Tip of the Week (TOTW) 9.10.18

Here is your Tip of the Week from DRRR. Have you ever used this tip in the kitchen before? Do not put any of your cast iron items (skillets, griddles, etc.) in the dishwasher, unless you want to ruin it! Thank you for all the continued support. Dude's Radical Recipe Resource is alive.

Tip of the Week (TOTW) 8.27.18

Howdy howdy, everyone! We're starting a new section this week. Allow me to proudly present "Tip of the Week". Every Monday you will get a new tip to help keep your cooking game sharp. Our view is to bring unknown and rare kitchen tips used in all types of cooking. Since it's the end of … Continue reading Tip of the Week (TOTW) 8.27.18