Hello and welcome! I’m Justin and this website is my little special place on the internet. Bailey (my special person) and myself are living the dream life here in Northern California. We live and work at a ski resort here. That being said, one of our main hobbies is skiing and snowboarding. I’m the snowboarder, while Bailey is the skier. I started this blog in 2018 as a way to store all of our favorite recipes. Now it has grown into a full blown recipe website.

We have lived and worked at Kirkwood for more than five seasons now. If you have never heard of Kirkwood, you should know that Kirkwood is a remote ski resort in the northern Sierra Nevada and it has one of the highest annual snowfalls in North America. It is located on one of the most scenic highways in the state, Highway 88, and in any direction is at least 40 miles away from the nearest town or grocery store. To get to the closest town (South Lake Tahoe) you have to traverse over two mountain passes that have a habit of closing if the snow accumulates over a foot.


I like to call myself an expert snowboarder with Bailey being my styling skiing counterpart. Needless to say living in this place is an adventure, and we absolutely love everything about it. A lot of folks have never experienced a snow storm that dumps over 10 feet in a few days, let alone multiple in a row. For that I consider ourselves lucky, because we have once in a lifetime experiences everyday.

As far as cooking and recipes go, I’m all over the map. We enjoy making all kinds of recipes from easy soups and sandwiches to more intricate Whole 30 meals and beyond. Browse through our collection of recipes and let us know which one is your favorite!